Vermont Veterans’ Home

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About This Project

This is one of those projects that came a little too close to the heart. When our philanthropist and animal activist friend, Tracey Buyce told us she wanted to do something special for our veterans, we simply had to be a part of it.

It was one of those situations where you think you have a pretty good idea of what to expect, but in reality you find that you were way off base upon entering. I think it safe to say that we thought we’d go in, get some great interviews with veterans talking about their experience during the war and their contribution to their country. The reality of it was that they were veterans who didn’t seem to want to talk about their experiences. If they did speak of their experience, it was very brief and somewhat guarded, which, in retrospect, now makes sense.

Quite honestly, it was quite an experience for all of us. One in which we were forced to look into ourselves a little bit in order to realize the truth about how these heroes seem to be .. for lack of a better word; forgotten. And while we’re being honest, we also felt like this project would have little redeeming value after a day of shooting on location. I have to believe that this was in part due to our prior expectations going into this shoot. And to that end, I think we were a little hesitant about putting this piece together.

What happened, much to our surprise, was the story seemed to unfold the more we forced ourselves to face it.

However, it’s great places like the Vermont Veterans’ Home that give these heroes the respect and care they so deserve.

In the end, we want this piece to be about awareness. A way to force people to not forget about those that made it possible for us to live the lives we do today. We owe them our gratitude, our respect and our love.