Stephanie and Philip – Saratoga Springs – Hall of Springs

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How often can you say that your bride is a rapper on the side? Well, Philip can. As we arrived to spend the day with our lovely couple, Stephanie busted out (as you may recall from the teaser) into Coolio’s ” Gansta’s Paradise” during a brief moment of her getting ready ritual. While that in itself may impress you, I must mention that she also knew all of the lyrics by heart. You don’t see this every day, people. This coming from someone who knows his gangsta rap. WEST COAST! REPRESENT!

I realize you hear a lot of wedding filmmakers talking about how great a couple is, etc., but when we say Stephanie and Philip are great — they really are. Genuine, sweet, lovely and very much connected with their family (as you will soon see in this trailer).

We had an amazing day with these guys and were so proud and honored to have been a part of their event. To top things off, we got to shoot with Pat and Jessie from Casey Connell Photography – one of our favorite crime-fighting photo duos. Now if only we could get them to wear capes…

Be sure to stick around all the way till the end to see Philip’s favorite song. We thinks you’ll get a kick out of it.