Sara & Edward Wedding Trailer: The Mount

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Gosh. Where does one begin on a wedding such as this one?

Let’s start with the weather.


It seemed that rain was to be the order of the day. Did we let a little precipitation ruin it for NUVUE though? Not a chance. In fact, we relished in it! While most people think the bright sunny days are best for a wedding (and let’s face it, they pretty much are ..), on those rare occasions we get to shoot in the rain we’re like a couple of kids playing in mud puddles. Not only do we love shooting in the elements, but it also creates such beautiful images through the natural diffusion that occurs when the bright sun is hidden behind the clouds– and what does that mean? Deeply saturated colors. Brilliant colors. Even exposures (ok, I’m letting the photo nerd in me get a little carried away here .. ). You get my point.

So take a rainy day and mix it up with a gorgeous couple that’s down for the cause, as well as an amazing location like The Mount in Lenox, Mass., and you’ve got the making of something extraordinary. Sara and Edward were SO down for the cause, in fact, that we were literally running them around the gardens of The Mount in the rain to take advantage of this exceptional location. Like a troopers, they stuck with it while JP Elarioand I captured some spectacular moments between our lovely couple and Christine Wheat and crew kept everything in order. And fortunately for them, because they’ll have these beautiful moments to look at for many, many years – as well as to pass on to many generations.

Special thanks to the following professionals who all brought they’re best to this one. We’re honored to have the opportunity to work with all of them: