Morgan and Eric’s Saratoga National Wedding

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It seems that we spent quite a bit of time at Saratoga National Golf Club this year — and who’s complaining?  Not us! It should go without saying that it’s one of Nuvue’s favorite venues to work. All the elements are in place — beautiful location, amazing staff and we get to roll around in golf carts with our couples, finding the best places to shoot their images. You take all of this and throw in the distinguished photographer, Matt Ramos, and it’s pure magic.

Morgan and Eric were soooo adorable. One of those couples that you see and know they really dig each other with a deepness. Be sure to check out the first look, it’s really cute. Once you see the dynamic between the two of them you’ll understand.

This trailer is a little different for a few reasons: the song we chose was a song that was performed at the reception by one of her childhood friends, so we thought that added a much more special element to the whole vibe.  Second, Bag Pipes, baby! If you don’t love some pipes wailing out some good Scottish tunage, then there’s clearly something wrong with you.

Great day. Great people. Great kilts. You can’t ask for much more than that.

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