Michelle and Robert – Water’s Edge, NYC – Same Day Edit

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For the first time in NUVUE history (albeit a short history), we’ve had a security breach. It was our intention to post Sunday’s Same-Day-Edit from the Water’s Edge Restaurant in Long Island City today, but it seems that a certain someone got a little bit too excited and decided to share it on her facebook.

Yes, our lovely bride from Sunday just couldn’t wait to share her film with her family and friends and put it out there for all the world to see.

But alas, I believe we still have a great opportunity to reach a broader audience.

As much as we LOVE working in NYC (and we’ll do it in a NY minute), there’s something to be said about Water’s Edge. It’s a great venue, although it’s a little bitter/sweet at times for the NUVUE team.

Enough of about all that other stuff. Let’s talk about Rob and Michelle. Holy Christ, I don’t think there’s a nicer couple out there. To put it mildly, we received the full Italian family experience. Warmth, love, food, good times, etc. It was an unbelievable experience. They invited us to their after party high atop the Ravel Hotel in Queens to enjoy a few drinks to close out the celebration. And it doesn’t end there!  They even put us up for the night at the hotel so we wouldn’t have to make the long drive back to home base – which, to us, is beyond generous. But Wait!  There’s more!  We also had a lovely breakfast with them the following morning, once again, high atop the Ravel.

I can’t say enough great things about these guys. They’re truly one of a kind – and we’ve become great friends as a result of being a part of their day.

To Michelle and Rob … it has been a true honor for us. We wish you all the best.