Mariam & Zach – Glen Sanders Mansion, Scotia NY

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Ah yes, Glen Sanders Mansion. This was actually NUVUE’s first visit to the mansion this year – and we couldn’t ask for a sweeter couple than Mariam and Zach for our first shoot there!

And while we’re talking about Mariam, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say something about the amazing gift she gave Zach. You see, Mariam spent the entire year writing in a journal of her thoughts and feelings to give to her husband on the day of their wedding. I gotta tell ya, that’s some true dedication and love – on a level I’ve not seen before. And on the day she gave it to him, she included an extra special message to him to express how she felt about marrying him. It was so incredibly sweet – and one of those moments we’ll probably never forget.

We are so grateful to have spent the day with them and wish them many, many happy years of wedded bliss (and watching Breaking Bad together).