Margot and Ben

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This is one of those events that you want to tell literally everyone about, because there are some really cool aspects to it — but there are times when we’re sworn to a bit of secrecy. And we here at NUVUE Cinema take it that quite seriously.

So we have, shall we say, Bride X and Groom Y (we’ll call them Ben and Margot moving forward)?  To say we love these guys 110% would be an understatement. The moment we arrived it was as if we walked into our own families undisclosed location. You had Dad who was blowing up balloons with cyalume sticks in them to put in the undisclosed pond at said undisclosed location, with the purpose of them putting off a beautiful glow as night fell upon the event. There was, however, a slight mishap with the placement of the balloons in the pond when one of the balloon installer guys  lost the anchor from the end of the string (you’ll see what we mean in the trailer). It should also be mentioned that it was literally the ONLY moment in the day when it wasn’t downpouring. With all that rain it gave us a different vibe – one in which we’re not used to with all the sunny weddings we shoot. I will say, we LOVE shooting on rainy days. Awesome color saturation.

One of the more charming elements of this piece definitely has to be Margot’s laugh. It’s rather contagious, if you will (again, you’ll see and hear it in the trailer). And Ben is one of those cats that seems like he’d be fun to hang out with; he’s got that vibe about him. And it’s rather obvious that these guys love their friends and family fiercely, which translates so well when creating a film of this nature. It’s genuine, it’s emotional, it’s real.

Be sure to look out for the polka dot rain golashes. So cute.