Let it snow at Canfield Casino in Saratoga Springs, NY!

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While there’s few things better than shooting a wedding in Saratoga Springs (at theCanfield Casino no less!), it’s not often we get to shoot in the snow!  What an uber-fantastic day we had with Christine & Mike!

One of the great pleasures of these guys was that they were so laid back and relaxed on a day that’s normally stressed out for most anyone else. And to say that it makes a difference in how the day flows is an understatement. By the time we were done at the end of the night we hadn’t realized how quickly everything had gone by because we were having such a great time. But then again, when ISN’T NUVUE Cinema having a great time?  We love what we do!  It also bears mentioning that when you’ve got DJ Vinny Vin ofNonStop Music scratching behind the booth, you simply can’t go wrong.

Thank you to the lovely and talented Tracey Buyce of Tracey Buyce Photography for so graciously introducing us to this dynamic duo.

Photography: Tracey Buyce
Entertainment: NonStop Music
Venue: Canfield Casino
Ceremony: The Church of St. Peter