Jess and Pat – Old Daily Inn – Albany Wedding Cinematography

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Cute doesn’t really capture the essence of these guys. They’re SO cute, it’s kind of ridiculous. And when you take cute and put the backdrop of the Old Daley Inn you can easily get some really great moments, and such was the case with Jess and Pat.

There were sparklers, there were fireworks, there was a vintage 1955 MG that was literally put together mere days before the ceremony (oh, and it was also the car that was used by Jess’s grandfather to drive her mother to her ceremony). Then there’s the embroidered heart that was created from her father’s old rugby jersey that had been stitched into her wedding gown. A tremendous amount of thought and love went into this celebration, and clearly was displayed through the amount of details that went into their wedding.

Ironically, the photography duo we spent the day with was also Jess and Pat of Casey Connell Photography — and we ALWAYS love shooting with them.

A big thanks to Jess and Pat (the bride and groom Jess and Pat) for allowing Nuvue Cinema to spend their special day with them at The Old Daley Inn on Crooked Lake.

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