Enchanted Wedding Magazine Shoot – 2013

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Nuvue Cinema had the great honor and pleasure to be part of Saratoga TODAY Newspaper’s 2013 Enchanted Wedding Magazine Shoot in Eagle Bridge, NY at theHistoric Barns of Nipmoose! With the weather conditions being absolutely amazing, we had perfect overcast, light-diffusing skies, low to moderate wind speeds (until later in the day when it felt like a wind storm, which ended up knocking over one of my cameras) and a fantastic and fresh location to frolic in!  With the help of our very talented friend, Tracey Buyce of Tracey Buyce Photography, we nailed down some solid shots in some very different and unique locations along the property.  You can check out a sample of  the splendid shots Tracey got on the shoot here: Enchanted Wedding Photo Shoot. I should also note the additional talent that was on set, Roxy and Cassidy. And as expected, they totally stole the show. You can’t miss ’em. They’re the furry creatures throughout the film.

I can’t thank everyone involved in this shoot enough.  Everyone did an amazing job and we really had a great time with everything.  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this project.