Edda+Mike Saratoga National Golf Club

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William and I had taken a fun trip down to the shores of Florida for a little va-kay recently. During our trip we received a rather panicked call from Edda after she realized that I was no longer working for the studio where she booked me and her wedding was only a few weeks away! Well, I simply could not let Edda down and we were able to make arrangements to have NUVUE shoot her wedding after all.  And shoot we did!

We LOVE these guys and are so happy we were able to shoot their wedding. Edda’s father was a total hoot (as you’ll see in the trailer), while Edda and Mike have this incredible way of making you feel good when you’re around them.

Teaming up with Team Elario (JP and Big Joe), you can probably venture to guess how this wedding turned out; Simply amazing. Not that it needs to be said, but we always enjoy working with the Elario boys.