Destination: Cancun, Mexico. Project: CANDi International

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In the event that you’re unaware of the happenings of Ms. Luna (she’s been all over the news), please indulge us for just a moment.

Tracey Buyce, of Tracey Buyce Photography formed a special bond with Luna on a recent trip to Bonfil, Mexico for a photoshoot of the CANDi International Spay/Neuter Clinic. She discovered Luna in the front yard of a home where it had been obvious that Luna was severely malnourished and neglected. Although Tracey was with a group of Canadian football players (some of which were Spanish speaking), none of them were able to talk Luna’s owner into taking her away to give her a better life. That was until Tracey took a shot at it. It must have been apparent to Luna’s owner that Tracey was really concerned for Luna, because she eventually relinquished Luna to Tracey.  And from that moment, the story of Luna was born.

NUVUE Cinema also had the great pleasure of being in Bonfil, Mexico to capture footage of not only Luna, but the entire process of the 2013 CANDi clinic. And in a word, we’re hooked. I think we’ve discovered a new love for doing “documentaries” of this type and are actively looking for more opportunities to do so.

We also want to send a special message to those that are dedicated to CANDi and the animals they serve. Recently, a tragic incident cost the life of one of the volunteers. We had the great pleasure of meeting, and working with, Lynn Earle – who’s memory lives on within everyone who ever had the chance to meet her. She’s terribly missed, but the legacy she has left behind will always remain. Her untimely death has given new purpose and meaning to the work that CANDi does.